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But so Cheap Hermes handbags bright was Rothinzil that even at morning Men could see it glimmering in the West, and in the cloudless night it shone alone, for no other star could stand beside it. And setting their course towards it the Edain came at last over leagues of sea and saw afar the land that was prepared for them, Andor, the Land of Gift, shimmering in a golden haze. Then they went up out of the sea and found a country fair and fruitful, and they were glad. And they called that land Elenna, which is Starwards; but also Anad?n?, which is Westernesse, N?men?r? in the High Discount Hermes Birkin handbags Eldarin tongue.

This Fake Hermes handbags was the beginning of that people that in the Grey-elven speech are called the D?nedain: the N?men?reans, Kings among Men. But they did not thus escape from the doom of death that Il?vatar had set upon all Mankind, and they were mortal still, though their years were long, and they knew no sickness, ere the shadow fell upon them. Therefore they grew wise and glorious, and in all things more like to the Firstborn than any other of the kindreds of Men; and they were tall, taller than the tallest of the sons of Middle-earth; and the light of their eyes was like the bright stars. But their numbers increased only slowly in the land, for though daughters and sons were born to them, fairer than their fathers, yet their children were few.

Of old the chief city and haven of N?menor was in the midst of its western coasts, and it was called And?ni? because it faced the sunset. But in the midst of the land was a mountain tall and steep, and it was named the Meneltarma, the Pillar of Heaven, and upon it was a high place that was hallowed to Eru Il?vatar, and it was open and unroofed, and no other temple or fane was there in the land of the N?men?reans. At the feet of the mountain were built the tombs of the Kings, and hard by upon a hill was Armenelos, fairest of cities, and there stood the tower and the citadel that was raised by Elros son of E?rendil, whom the Valar appointed to be the first King of Hermes handbags KnockOff the D?nedain.

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