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She could see clearly through all the moving masses that lay between, when Arhys kicked the demon-lit shape of his horse into a canter. He closed rapidly on a quiescent, colored thread of sorcerer light, like a hawk Hermes handbags KnockOff swooping on unsuspecting prey. “Can you see Foix?” Liss’s breathless voice sounded by her ear. “Yes. He rides by Arhys’s side.” The shouts of alarm didn’t go up till the first tent went down.

As more cries and a ring of steel split the night, the mounted patrols wheeled about and began galloping back toward the camp. Abruptly, the snake of sorcerer fire stretched and snapped. A bluish gout of soul-fire shot aloft, separating even as Ista watched from a violent purple streak, which sped away trailing soul shreds in torn-off, fluttering rags. The bluish gout writhed in agony, and faded into elsewhere.

The purple streak grounded itself in a moving soul-spark somewhere beneath the trees; both the recipient and the demon dropped flat in the shock of that arrival. But the snake did not renew itself. “That’s one,” said Ista aloud. The attackers made no cries or calls at all, moving in grim, determined Hermes handbags KnockOff silence. The pale blur of another tent, sheltering the head of another colored snake, swayed, shook, Hermes Birkin handbags and collapsed. The Jokonan sorcerer gathered energy for some strike at his attacker; Ista could see the flash of a bolt of demon magic pass through Arhys, and hear the wail of the sorcerer’s surprise and woe, cut off.

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